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Description of what a PRO subscription contains and the reason why we  have paid content.

Cloud storage and synchronization
Pro subscribers, which has logged in, may upload their POIs, routes and GPS recordings to our cloud. In order to upload your data, you first choose ic_import_export_grey600_24dpin the menu and selects “Upload objects to server”. The progression is then displayed in a dialog.


In order to download previously uploaded data to one of your devices, you choose ic_import_export_grey600_24dpin the menu before selecting “Download objects from server”. The progression is then displayed in a dialog.

All locally created data must be uploaded before downloading data from the server. A warning is given if this is not the case.

ExportStatusError_en ImportFromServer_en

Access to registered data in map portal
Pro subscribers can log in to our map portal

Tables for the different data sets can be opened by using the Temakart button. From the table one can delete, edit and create objects.


Create your own routes
RouteButtonAdded_enPro subscribers can create their own routes point by point. The function becomes available in the expandable list hick is displayed when pressing the green + button.

When you select “Create route”, a + button for adding points and a cancel button is made available.

After adding the first point (it is positioned in the center of the screen when you press +), buttons for deleting the last point and storing the route are also displayed.

By selecting a point in the route, one also gets buttons for deleting selected point, moving selected point and for adding a point on the line segment which is colored yellow.

RouteFirstPoint_en RouteSecondPoint_en

Keep stored maps for ever
When the Norgeskart app was originally developed, the Norwegian mapping authorities posed restrictions on how  long applications could keep the maps (2 weeks). One could also not use their services for commercial purposes.

The Norwegian mapping authorities has now lifted these restrictions, but we have decided to still delete stored maps after 2 weeks for users without a subscriptions. The reason for this is the great amount of development hours it takes to develop and maintain the app.

Extra map layers
Pro subscribers gains access to more map layers than previously available in Norgeskart:

  • Clay
  • Conservation area
  • Orienteering maps that has been made available through the site o-kart kiosken (mainly some areas in the eastern part of Norway)
  • Radon awareness (coming soon)
  • Snow depth, “Fresh snow yesterday” and “Fresh snow last week”

18 thoughts on “Pro subscription”

  1. Hello,

    I am interested by pro subscription but I live in Switzerland and I can not acces to it.

    Is there a methode to get pro subscritpion ?

    Best regards.

  2. Hello,

    I’d like to subscribe to the pro version however when I tap on “SUBSCRIBE NOW” from the Android app it says “Subscriptions are only available to accounts where credit card is registered in EU or Norway” even though my registered credit card in Google Play is from France.

    What can I do?


    1. Hi

      Do you have more than one Google account on the device? It might be that the app is installed by an account different from the one the credit card is registered on. If this is the case, the following might help:

      1. Uninstall the app on the phone
      2. Go to the Play Store app on your phone and select the account you want to use.
      3. Sign in to the Google Play website ( ) from a computer with the same correct account.
      4. Install the app through the Play website by clicking on ‘Install’ button and choosing desirable device from the list.
      5. Wait a minute for silent install of the app on your device.
      6. Make the in-app purchase

      Best regard

      1. Thanks for the reply. I followed your instructions but it sill doesn’t work.

        Would you mind telling me what kind of check you’re doing in the app?

        1. Hi

          We check the currency code of the subscription items in Play Store for your user and check these against codes used in EU. France should give EUR which is in our list. So I’m not sure while the check fails in your case.

          Best regard

          1. Thanks. And you’re not checking other properties like the postal address of the credit card? I noticed that no matter what I do, google play incorrectly associates my old address (in the USA) with my French credit card.

            1. Hi. We are not checking any other properties. Only the currency code. What currency do you see when you perform purchases in Play store or other apps?

              Best regards

  3. Hi,

    I live in Norway and cannot subscribe to Norgeskart Pro. My google account is not authorized to make Google payments, and I need to be an administrator to authorize it. When I try to use Telenor billing I get an error message – it is probably because I have a pre-paid account with Telenor. Uninstalling the app and re-installing it with a different Google account may theoretically be an option, but I don’t want to lose all my settings (POIs, tracks, etc).

    This really shouldn’t be so difficult. Why can’t we just pay you folks with a bank card or paypal or something easy? The current system is so inconvenient that it makes me want to just give up. I am really tired of re-loading the same map tiles over and over again though. It really shouldn’t take hours to subscribe to the Pro version.


    1. Hi

      I’m sorry for the inconvenience. We only accept Google payment due to the fact that reporting and payment of taxes then are handled by Google. We also use Google services verify that a user has purchased a given subscription. We will therefor not provide our users with other payment methods as this would cost us much more than it would be worth when it comes to work-hours.

      In order to transfer your POIs and tracks, you can export these to files from the “my data” lists. Poi’s for a given category should probably be exported to its own file. I also think you should export tracks to one file per track (Not sure if we support multiple tracks in one file). After re-installing, you can then import them back and later on export them to the server after purchasing a pro-subscription.

      Best regards

  4. Hello from Germany,
    on how many devices can I use your app with the Pro-Version?
    I have two cellphones und one tablet.
    Must I buy three licences?
    I will use your app for fishing in Norway to navigate an mark the points where I caught fishes.
    Thanks a lot for your efforts.

    Best regards
    Norbert Graß

  5. Hello
    WE are from Switzerland, is there any possibility to sign up the pro version, we stay in norway each summer for about more then 10 years and we are so sorry that we cannot have an acces to the pro version, only we have noch euro credit Card.
    IT would be realy If you can give us an answer. Thanks Maria and Werner

    1. Hi

      I don’t think we will manage to enable this in the near future as most of us are going out in holiday these days. To enable this we need to look closer at the VAT/TAX rules for Switzerland when it comes to apps. We do not want to end up paying and reporting VAT to Switzerland ourself (Google handles this for EU and Norway, not Switzerland).

      After we have decided whether to include Switzerland or not, we also need to do a minor upgrade to the app.

      Best regards

  6. Hei
    Har vært Probruker i flere år. Har nå fått ny telefon. Installert App og logget på.
    Har ikke fått med over at jeg er Probruker. Har gjort dette før og det har gått greit. Må jeg abonnere på nytt?

    1. Hei
      Dersom du har byttet fra Android til Apple så må du kjøpe nytt abonnement da disse håndteres av henholdsvis App store og Play butikk. Du bør da samtidig si opp ditt gjeldende abonnement på Android om du ikke fortsatt bruker noen Android-enheter. For mer hjelp, vennligst ta kontakt via


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