Basic functionality

Starting the app, setting up a custom interface.

Opening screendrawer
The first time you start the Norgeskart app, there will by default be a panel displaying on the left side of the screen.

Through the sidepanel, you can log in in order to upload and synchronize points of interest, tracks, and routes to our map portal Regular users may also subscribe to added functionality.

NB: This description is still under construction

15 thoughts on “Basic functionality”

  1. Hi,

    I cannot see or load the sidepanel on an iPhone 6 running iOS 8.3. Is there a Special trick for gaining Access to it?


    1. Hei.

      A first version of “Norgeskart outdoors” has now been released in AppStore today 12.juli 2018.

      We are happy for any feedback.

      Best regards

  2. 1) I can’t find any map – 4,50 € for settings? Please tell how to find them!
    2) It’s always necessary to consult Google playstore before entering norgeskart?
    Thank you
    Winfried Koch

    1. Hi

      1. See and for how to use the maps.

      You must open the left side panel of the app (drag from left edge) in order to access list of maps and layers. You do not have to pay anything for accessing maps offline, but they will be deleted after 2 weeks if you do not have a subscription.

      2. Not sure what you mean. After installing the app, it is available on your phone and you can start it from there. If you have a subscription you can also log into the app using a Google account. This will let you synchronize your registered objects with our server.

      Best regards

  3. Hello, how can login with google acc in desktop version, i mean , I like to see whats i done in my phone (poi etc.) In computer….

    1. Hi. You should do the following:

      1. Go to log in screen (one of the buttons in the upper right corner in
      2. Set your desired language to english
      3. Select “Forgotten password”
      4. Enter the e-mail address used for your google account.
      5. You will then receive a password to be used together with your google account e-mail.

      NB: You need to have a pro-subscriptions and you must also upload your objects to server before they will be visible in the portal.

      Best regards

    1. Hi

      Your location is displayed by default as a blue symbol in the map. There is a button in the lower right corner of the map which opens an expanded panel where you can activate that the center of the screen should follow your position.

      If you are an IOS user, this Norgeskart app is a poor plagiate of our Norgeskart app for Android. They can not be compared.

      Best regards

      1. Hi, Somehow it is now locked that my position is centered on the page and thd icon shows a small blue lock. How do I turn this off?

        1. Seems we have forgotten to answer this one… The lock is deactivated by opening the small panel in the lower right corner by clicking on the location button. The lock is then toggled on/off by clicking the location symbol with the lock in this panel. You must close the panel again before the new lock-state takes affect.

          Best regard

  4. hello, i’m not able to locate the stored gpx-tracks on my xperia z3. it says it will be stored in /storage/emulated/0/Norgeskart/tracks/gpx, but there is no such folder. no results when i search the entire device and sd-card for file extension .gpx either. any tips? do i need the pro subscription?

      1. Hi

        You should see a Norgeskart directory on your sd-card, The mentioned tracks/gpx directory within this directory should be created once you have stored a given track to file from the “My data” – Tracks list (opened from left panel).

        I suspect that you have not actually stored a track to file yet. But I’m not sure.

        Please contact us on

        Best regards

    1. Hi

      Open the My data lists from the left panel in the app. From here you go into the list of tracks. In the top right corner you then have a … menu which lets you read gpx files. When you activate this function from the track list, the box is loaded as a track.

      Best regards

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