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Known problems

If, upon preloading of maps, there is a “Undefined error”, this will most probably be caused by too many calls to the Norwegian Mapping Authority’s servers over a too short period of time. We will be rectifying this in future releases.

If you can’t locate the app in Google Play, please check that your contents filter is set to “All”. You should also set maturity to “low”. Thank you in advance for letting your friends know.

There have been reports on problems with GPS on HTC One S and HTC Desire C. We are not sure if these problems have been solved, as we do not have access to these particular devices.


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    Finding your numbers are way out on my pc and Mobil phone.numbers taken from my GPS on boat.68.11.05
    14.27.25. Boat

    14.34.93. Boat
    14.56.87. Phone
    First one in may the other in july

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      Sorry for the late answer. The notifications for new posts has been down.

      If the app displays GPS coordinates in red it is the location of the center of the map / cross. If the location is in black, it is the GPS location (when map center is set to follow GPS location). Could this explain your difference?

      You must also be sure that your GPS and phone/PC displays the coordinates in the same format (decimal degrees, minutes or seconds). If not, they can not be directly compared.

      Best regard


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